Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Reflection - Semester One.

Too bad our dean haven't ask us to write THIS on the end of this semester.
Or else,
The office will be full of papers.

Und hallo everyone.
Glad it's the hols now eh?
Good to be home. *sneezes*
I left my flu here,
And it's claiming the time I took,
for leaving it behind.

Oh semester one,
Has begone thee,
Beautiful like the swan,
Memories be remembered by me.

A short rhyming one-stanza poem.
I remembered the first day I'm in Unimas.
well, I had 2 classmates going here, so I'll be fine.
And I am.
And SO I thought.
But actually I kinda started it over again.
I'm familiar with nobody,
Nobody's familiar with me.
I am lacking the social skill,
I have many disabilities.
I'm no cool person.
I can't drive, nor ride a bike.
I don't play soccer/football. (I used to till I snapped my hand)
I only know how to game.
I lived in a small world.
Just of my own.
So starting it over was...
I had friends yeah.
But not yet anyone I can trust to the fullest.
And now?
Still, tho I have good friends now. *claps*

And the most important thing,
I'm talking,
To anyone who's willing to listen,
I try to - at least - talk to girls.
Which I lacked, although i'm not from an all boys' school.

And one moment I most remembered.
My 1st PBL meeting. <3
I was charmed.
The one who made me smile without a reason,
The one who made me cry,
Who made me sleepless,
But not quite awake,
The one who brought me up,
And the one who bowed my pride.
The one who made me realize i too got flaws.

Tho things are confusing now.
It has never changed.
If 'you' are reading this,
Remember what I told you?
I still am.
"Shall there be a will strong enough, There shall be a way hard enough."
But dammit please say STOP,
If you think I should.
Thank You.
Thank You for all you've done.

And finally, friendships.
Friends are,
People who give you the strength,
The pillars of your soul,
The engineer of your sanity,
I love you guys,
Thanks for the:
Advices given,
Supports lent,
Fun we had,
DotA matches we've gone through,
Food we ate,
Merriment we experienced.

A bouquet of gratitude for everyone,
including the lecturers and students alike.
And it's raining. x)
Enjoyed em last week.

I guess there's too much crapping already,
I should back out and post another time.
And guys, any plans do inform me,
You might just saved my life.

"Mena x?"

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