Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello guys, again.
It has been awhile.
Ten Ten Ten.
It's not that I am making a suspense noise.
And it is jeng jeng jeng actually. LOL.

Ten Ten Ten.
10 10 10.
Look at the calendar.
You are right.

But anyways that was just the commercial.
Now to business,
I have been doing so well so far,
I can't expect my old habit to disappear in a blink.
Or in a poof.
But I guess I occupy my time every now and then,
avoiding BOREDOM.
I hate to say it,
Avoiding from thinking about my issues,
Where the word Wai-Ou-You (Y-O-U) plays the major part.
But hell, I really can't stop it sometimes.
Well I guess thats the side effect of being affected to so and so. LOL.
My chances?
I'll leave it to the hands of fate.
Yeah yeah it IS tough.
Trust me, I have been scratching the air ever since.
I can say that my depression and distress has decreased,
and I prefer it that way.
There is no harm in being a little bit heartless sometimes,
Or was I wrong?
Go figures.

And somehow along the way,
I feel like being independent.
Managing my own self and stuff.
I hesitated to go home.
It's not that I hate my home.
But I feel so lonely and empty being at home,
until I started seeing things.

And hey,
What happened?

Okay now,
Some message,
Give me some truth please.
Thank you.

Truth about what?
Anything that I SHOULD know.
To whom I ask this question?
YOU. Yes you.
I am hungry.

But shall you don't have anything to tell me,
Don't be bothered about it.
General general, no offence, because i see no names.
Unless your name is You or Yes or Hungry.
Or The Truth (In GTA San Andreas The Truth is a person's name)
Then I am sorry.

And yeah,
I am still myself,
Hurt me and I will forgive you.
I talked much about toleration,
So what the crap am I talking if I myself did not apply it?

Exam is near.. Weehee..
Cannot wait to end this..
Umm well..
I'll do my usual study routine..
So long as I don't *snap!*.
Or cry while studying.
Or start talking different language. LOL
Never happens before.
That was just metaphors.
But who knows?
We can never push ourselves too hard.
Then later on realize that we are on the verge of death.

Then after that,
I am going to say it out aloud again,
With no fear.
With no doubt.
But only being fatalistic.

Say what aloud?
Not telling ya =P

And oh well, today seems to be a nice day.
SEEMS that is.

And oh rain how much i adore thee.
Fall so that i shall sleep peacefully.

And have a nice day.
So they said:
"Mena x?"

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