Thursday, November 11, 2010

MUET - A Little Bit About English.

First and Foremost,
Thanks to Nizzal Syafiq, for giving me this idea.
Yeah yeah i'm a poser.. Blah blah blah..

Und hallo everyone.
This is a poser-ish post. Bear with me.
I have no more idea what to talk about,
Since I've nothing to talk about,
The hols sucks.
I can say that again.

Malaysian University English Test.
Most Unnecessary English Test.
One thing I can only wish
That there is a question on writing,
written not based on facts,
but creativity.
YES fiction!
Too bad there's none.

Oh well.
How do I learn English?
Look around you.
The subtitles in TV programmes might be the easiest way.
But still that narrows your vocabulary.
Well for me, by playing games is the most practical way.
To play a game you must know how to play it.
To know how to play it you must understand what it wants.
To understand what the goal is you must READ and UNDERSTAND each and every sentence.
But still how to understand it when there is nothing to help you?
There are various ways:

Assume - For example, He made a blunder and lost the game instantly. What the heck is blunder? See around the sentence. Lost is an obvious thing to see. And what do we do to lose? Make mistakes! So blunder is approximately a mistake!

The Dictionary - Hello, what is that one helluva thick book is for again?

Thesaurus - It's not a name for a species dinosaur, obviously. Another simple thing, find simpler synonyms and there you'll get the idea what is it about.

Your Father* - Ah my favourite. "Pa, what does this mean?" *(Won't work all the time)

And the thing that drives me is the GAME.

It's like doing your hobby. You need to understand what your hobby is about. The same goes to languages.

 You must have the INTEREST in English to fathom the art within.

Things that might drive you to learn English:
-Music (HELL who doesn't like music?)
-Reading novel and other written arts.
-Listen to how other people talk.
-Make mistakes (Compulsory). I always make mistake in assuming the meaning of certain words.
-Passion for the language itself.
"For there shall be a will strong enough, There shall be a way hard enough" - Posted this on my previous post. Or not.
I can't help you much.
You need to understand how the word structure in English works.
The singular-and-plural stuff.
The to-infinitive concept.
You will need the BOOKS for that.
Or if you can, try to listen carefully on how people talk in English.
And try to notice how they structure their sentences.
Notice that after the word 'to' the root word will be used.
There are special cases as well.
I won't touch em here.

Well after all,
English is simple but yet can be complicated if taken to a higher level.
Improve your vocabulary,
Correct your grammars,
And start writing stuffs.
And please don't be so full of yourself to ignore the comments from other people.
Be down to earth and learn!
By mistakes we fail learn better, trust me.

Oh well some advertisements before I leave.
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And time to back off now, will be posting again...soon...I hope.
Coup De Grace
"Mena x?"

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