Saturday, June 11, 2011

And It All Ends.

So it was after a week when we finished our Liaison Officer program for the new batch's MAP.
I had fun so,
Thank you guys.

I get to know those guys I really din know yet,
Might be too late but,
Its better late than never?

Und hallo thar!
Uhh the sadness I feel as i step out of the dorm.
Kolej Sri Samarahan Seroja
A name i will never forget.
Tho it only provides me only 1 year of shelter,
I am grateful for it,
I had friends, good ones,
I met with the beautiful lady (notice the singularity) there.
And so my room: M51 (With Abid aka Nujum Pak Cengkerik), M48 (Nizzal Syafiq's), M44 (Jethro Eli's), M29 (Muhaimin Johari, Hasbullah Hasbi, Jethro Eli, Adzim Adib)
Laughters of joy.
I will miss you guys.

So the MAP.
'Twas good, tho some complains it to be so childish and stuff.
Posted as the Food AJK so wasn't that hard of a job.
And some people with their double personalities.
And sleepless nights (and days).
And oh wth a week has gone.
*sighs again*

And forward is but a long journey.
I may go to engineering school.
And so we might part ways for academic persuation,
Will this be the end?
It is of my sincerest intention but to live this we have here. Work with me and we'll be alright.
How long will it be?
4 years?
or 5?
But anyhow,
It is not my wish to let this one slide.
I love you.

And all but we stand here today,
Looking but straight forward.
I leave it all but to fate and destiny.
While I do my very best to prevail.
Good luck all.

A song for everyone. The lyrics are for no one, because they are not yet dead.


"Mena sik?"