Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little this and that.

Und hallo again, lads.
Semester 1 has nearly come to an end eh?
Oh wait, the exams.
With my MUET speaking test around the corner.
Time for the final rush?
Or maybe.
I don't know.

And after that,
Seriously should you ask,
I don't know whether I am going to like it or not.
Yeah cool no classes.
Thumbs up.
But then again,
I won't be able to talk much as I like,
Nor I can meet my friends,
Where friendship is,
An important surviving element in life.
Will I be living in virtual worlds again?
And become my alter ego EvolutionX?

Call me weird,
I don't care.
Because somehow,
I felt that my life here is...
I feel more like Kaedy@Qaedi instead of Evo.
And again,
Credits and thanks to ALL and I mean ALL my FRIENDS.
The degree of my gratefulness is beyond of which I might cry for it.
And to some-other-one.
Thanks for the rains and sunshines.
You gave me a wonderful rainbow,
I won't care if I am just being hallucinative. (Syok Sendiri) LOL.

And guys,
read your books.

"Mena x?"

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