Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello again,
And greeters to fellow reader(s)
Just to make it rhyme. LOL

Obviously, or not, this week seems to flow so fast.
I didn't even realize today is Wednesday.
Oh wait, it's Thursday already?

So, hopes eh?
Tell me something guys.
Comment on my post if you never had hoped in your life.
But I guess nobody dares huh?
OR so to say,
We all do give our hopes on something, situationally or even yet desperately.
Need yet an example?
"When I grow up, I wish to be a doctor." - YOU, yes YOU.
Nah not necessarily a doctor.
But yes, what are AMBITIONS if it is not your hope?

That's hope in some easy way to say.
Why do I talk about this in the first place?
You must wonder if I have any hopes I wish to tell.
If you do, give yourself a clap.
May it be true.
Oh you want me to tell?
Oh well.
"I just wish to be but a happy person." - Me.
 And I didn't expect to change dramatically.
Or I'll die shocked of myself becoming so gay.
Today (Wednesday), I was nearly attacked by my depression again.
After two days I did a promise to myself not to think so much again.
After some desperate moments, I saw my friends coming back from somewhere.
A lucky call.
Or else I'll start to crawl again.
"I won't demand but I will just ask, I need you guys" - Me.
People around me,
From spectators to actors, so I shall say.
They now play a role to my life.
Sure sadness shall come once in awhile,
Not WITHOUT a REASON dammit.
That is why,
I wanted to climb out from this hellish pit.
So people, do help me.

"Mena x?"
Sleep well.

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