Friday, December 24, 2010


Some say options.
Some say choices.
We opt.
We choose.
We prefer.

Und hallo guys.
This is a post about..
The title explains it all.

Is there anything to say?
Recent things happen made me wanted to post this.
Partly annoyed.
I won't show.
I just feel.

So what IS preferrance?
Say, you play a game.
There should (must actually) be an 'option' at the menu.
Graphic settings,
Aspect ratios,
Anti Aliasing,
V Sync,

It's basically what we prefer having or using.
Or seeing,
Or believing.
But why am I talking about this?
It's because some people do not understand,
On how to respect others' preferences.
People criticize you for using your options.
Here's an analogy.

"I don't like to listen to metal songs. They suck." - Example.
I don't mind if you say you do not listen to metal songs.
But saying they suck portrays disrespect towards me.
How about if I say.
"I don't like you. You suck."?? - Me, Yes me.
You probably won't mind me telling I don't like you being you.
So what right?
You suck pushed the limit.
I might get hit after that.
See the point.
It's all about respect.

Even if you are not satisfied it doesn't mean you should sound them out aloud.
Some people might not care, true.
But most people do.
So, respect others point of view.
You have no effing right to stop their freedom of speech, their personal thoughts, and their chosen paths.

Do not misunderstand me though.
It's not wrong to tell anyone if they mess up or did something bad.
But never criticize it so badly.
We are born here,
In a place full of courtesy and hospitality.
It's nothing wrong if a guy plays the Sims 3, or talks to himself, or talks to cats.
I play the game, I talk to myself, I talk to cats.
People call me sissy, people call me crazy, and people call me illogical.
I don't care,
As long as they don't add insults along.
I'm all good now.
At least it's what I thought.
People always say
"I don't care" - When people tell them to not care where actually they care about it.
And probably that's all I wanted to crap.
Until then,
Actually It's been awhile since I talk something philosophical.
And sorry for the colourless, bold-less, italic-less, cancel-less, and underlined-less (if these words exist), I'm a bit too lazy now (I did blacken the whole thing), but anyways enjoy. =)
"Mena sik?"


Monday, December 20, 2010

My Book So Far.

Four point oh.
Three point one two.
That's my score.
It's a bit too late to tell, but that's it.
Part of me says congrats, while another was disappointed.
"I'm sorry. I passed." - Me.
I will do well this semester, with the factor:
1. Physics with 6 chapters? duh!
2. Tight schedule.
3. Less DotA (Trust me)
4. I feel more witty than ever. (Imaginary)
5. I don't know. I just have the feel. You get what I mean?

Und hallo everyone.
We meet again.
How are you guys doing?
I hope it's been good news.
I'm moving on with life.
Where I realized my efforts all this time are in vain.
"No chemistry" - Anonymous.
Quite a while, with a bunch of thanks and credits.
Don't get me wrong,
Maybe it just doesn't work.
I'm sorry.

And my gaming life?
DotA: fewer but more brutal than ever. We're in a competition! Wish me luck. My first fight was a win.

Me as Nevermore (Shadow Fiend) 
Gene Nyanau as Terrorblade (Soul Keeper)
Jacob Minit as Leviathan (Tidehunter)
And my teammates are good. Gene got a Triple Kill!
p/s: I didn't realize he got the kill because of some complications.

And other games?

I uh,,..//]] (Purposed typo)
I'll tell in my next entry.
Be sure..
Be really sure to follow my blog.

And to all my friends:
Thanks again for being my friends.
God bless you.

And what's up next?
Yet to be known,
There to be explored,
Until then,
Have fun,
Enjoy every part of life;
Even sad ones,
Something's hidden on the other side. Who the EFF knows?


With ALL your might.

I'm done for now.
And be sure to be updated for my fan fiction - The Brother Pandaren.
Until then,

"Mena sik?"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Beginning Of The End?

Hallo everyone.
Semester 2 has started so I guess, more writing materials! 
For my blog of course.
Don't misinterpret the title to a bigger scope.
I'm not talking about the end of my life, nor the apocalypse.
But well maybe I am?
Death will come fetch us when the time comes.

The 'End' here means the end of our Foundation life.
The final (by default) semester of Asasi.
And people will make new resolutions.
Hell yeah these are the decisive moments.
For our future.
I don't know.
And seriously, I'm tired of being the i-don't-know person.
I wish I have all the answers pointed at me.
"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." - Nick, Left 4 Dead 2.
And gaming doesn't hurt much yeah?
Oh it does?
I'm sorry.
For playing any games with you guys.
Some would blame the game tho.
I never did.
Why would I blame the best invention ever happened in this world?

Maybe I'll put a little bit more effort in this semester.
You know,
You know what I mean!

Anyways, good luck for the semester!
This is such a short post,
Ima post again soon for ideas, stories and confessions.
Soon as I gain my humanity again in this place. :D

For the latest of my fan fiction, click exactly --->here<---

The question remains..
"Mena sik?"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MUET - A Little Bit About English.

First and Foremost,
Thanks to Nizzal Syafiq, for giving me this idea.
Yeah yeah i'm a poser.. Blah blah blah..

Und hallo everyone.
This is a poser-ish post. Bear with me.
I have no more idea what to talk about,
Since I've nothing to talk about,
The hols sucks.
I can say that again.

Malaysian University English Test.
Most Unnecessary English Test.
One thing I can only wish
That there is a question on writing,
written not based on facts,
but creativity.
YES fiction!
Too bad there's none.

Oh well.
How do I learn English?
Look around you.
The subtitles in TV programmes might be the easiest way.
But still that narrows your vocabulary.
Well for me, by playing games is the most practical way.
To play a game you must know how to play it.
To know how to play it you must understand what it wants.
To understand what the goal is you must READ and UNDERSTAND each and every sentence.
But still how to understand it when there is nothing to help you?
There are various ways:

Assume - For example, He made a blunder and lost the game instantly. What the heck is blunder? See around the sentence. Lost is an obvious thing to see. And what do we do to lose? Make mistakes! So blunder is approximately a mistake!

The Dictionary - Hello, what is that one helluva thick book is for again?

Thesaurus - It's not a name for a species dinosaur, obviously. Another simple thing, find simpler synonyms and there you'll get the idea what is it about.

Your Father* - Ah my favourite. "Pa, what does this mean?" *(Won't work all the time)

And the thing that drives me is the GAME.

It's like doing your hobby. You need to understand what your hobby is about. The same goes to languages.

 You must have the INTEREST in English to fathom the art within.

Things that might drive you to learn English:
-Music (HELL who doesn't like music?)
-Reading novel and other written arts.
-Listen to how other people talk.
-Make mistakes (Compulsory). I always make mistake in assuming the meaning of certain words.
-Passion for the language itself.
"For there shall be a will strong enough, There shall be a way hard enough" - Posted this on my previous post. Or not.
I can't help you much.
You need to understand how the word structure in English works.
The singular-and-plural stuff.
The to-infinitive concept.
You will need the BOOKS for that.
Or if you can, try to listen carefully on how people talk in English.
And try to notice how they structure their sentences.
Notice that after the word 'to' the root word will be used.
There are special cases as well.
I won't touch em here.

Well after all,
English is simple but yet can be complicated if taken to a higher level.
Improve your vocabulary,
Correct your grammars,
And start writing stuffs.
And please don't be so full of yourself to ignore the comments from other people.
Be down to earth and learn!
By mistakes we fail learn better, trust me.

Oh well some advertisements before I leave.
Do read my fan fiction. =)
-Chapter 0-
-Chapter 1-
-Chapter 2-
-More coming soon-

And time to back off now, will be posting again...soon...I hope.
Coup De Grace
"Mena x?"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Reflection - Semester One.

Too bad our dean haven't ask us to write THIS on the end of this semester.
Or else,
The office will be full of papers.

Und hallo everyone.
Glad it's the hols now eh?
Good to be home. *sneezes*
I left my flu here,
And it's claiming the time I took,
for leaving it behind.

Oh semester one,
Has begone thee,
Beautiful like the swan,
Memories be remembered by me.

A short rhyming one-stanza poem.
I remembered the first day I'm in Unimas.
well, I had 2 classmates going here, so I'll be fine.
And I am.
And SO I thought.
But actually I kinda started it over again.
I'm familiar with nobody,
Nobody's familiar with me.
I am lacking the social skill,
I have many disabilities.
I'm no cool person.
I can't drive, nor ride a bike.
I don't play soccer/football. (I used to till I snapped my hand)
I only know how to game.
I lived in a small world.
Just of my own.
So starting it over was...
I had friends yeah.
But not yet anyone I can trust to the fullest.
And now?
Still, tho I have good friends now. *claps*

And the most important thing,
I'm talking,
To anyone who's willing to listen,
I try to - at least - talk to girls.
Which I lacked, although i'm not from an all boys' school.

And one moment I most remembered.
My 1st PBL meeting. <3
I was charmed.
The one who made me smile without a reason,
The one who made me cry,
Who made me sleepless,
But not quite awake,
The one who brought me up,
And the one who bowed my pride.
The one who made me realize i too got flaws.

Tho things are confusing now.
It has never changed.
If 'you' are reading this,
Remember what I told you?
I still am.
"Shall there be a will strong enough, There shall be a way hard enough."
But dammit please say STOP,
If you think I should.
Thank You.
Thank You for all you've done.

And finally, friendships.
Friends are,
People who give you the strength,
The pillars of your soul,
The engineer of your sanity,
I love you guys,
Thanks for the:
Advices given,
Supports lent,
Fun we had,
DotA matches we've gone through,
Food we ate,
Merriment we experienced.

A bouquet of gratitude for everyone,
including the lecturers and students alike.
And it's raining. x)
Enjoyed em last week.

I guess there's too much crapping already,
I should back out and post another time.
And guys, any plans do inform me,
You might just saved my life.

"Mena x?"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallo Everyone.

It's been raining every evening now.
And cold.
But still,
somehow I kinda see your name somewhere, but where? =P

And yes,
yes for what?
Yes for the PHYSICS exam tomorrow?

"Seriously? Seriously." - My Roommate.
Eat that you lazy slacker!
Screamed my soul.
So they say;
"Save the best for the last" - who?
Let us join hands.
And hope,
and really hope,
The formula list will be given tomorrow.
Or I'll be cursing the paper tomorrow.
Tomorrow's gonna be one helluva struggle.
And after that,
What what?
Dota-Sampai-Pengsan. (Dota-till-you-pass-out)
Not really.
At least till I felt nauseous.

And the holiday becoming.
I really effing hope i can see my bestfriends again.
Feroza™, Wakil Sekolah™, or the MoTW (Members Of The Windows) admins.
I really miss them.
It's really embarrassing to admit.
But I'm telling the truth here.
It's not that I had forgotten about you guys.

Yeah yeah I know i should go study now, or sleep.
To all reader(s)
Good Luck.

And remember.
"(Correct Answers + Lecturers Mood) X (Confidence) = Total Mark." - Me.

"Mena x?"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Fears Below - Higher High.

Epica - Higher High.
Fireflies are flying higher
They draw their wings up in the sky
Something I cannot read now
For my vision is blurred

We are all ruled by our fears below
Higher high
We are stuck and can't get out again
There's more than we deny
And there's more than meets the eye

Fortune, fairytales; we've all been told
Our pattern, never built, never begins
I can tell you there can't always be
A happy end to every tale

We are all ruled by our fears below
Higher high
We are stuck and can't get out again
There's more than we deny
And there's more than meets the eye

We are all breathing the same air
That we share
We all just have to live
We are all equal
No matter black or white

We are all ruled by our fears below
Higher high
We are stuck and can't get out again
There's more than we deny
And there's more than meets the eye.

Und Hallo everyone.
Nice voice eh?
Believe me,
I wish the voice was mine. LOL.

So what's the point of this song.?
This song is about FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and EQUALITY.
Yes, the major and basic elements in life where we humans often do not realize their existence.
Oh you do realize?
What is fear then?
How do you describe fear?
Is fear the same as phobic?
I won't answer that.
I have touched about it in my first blog.

And you may have noticed the lines that I bold-ed and italic-ed.
Emphasizing. *Ehem*
We all breathe the same air.
Oxygen gas.
Was there a difference between you and me?
Was there any difference between who you are and who I am?
THIS my dear reader(s), is the commonly misunderstood terminologies of between WHAT and WHO we are.
Humans. (Homo sapiens)
We have the same name. Yay!
I am not holier-than-thou and thou are not holier-than-me.
Begone who thinks of being a supreme being than others.
That is why we humans must treat each others well.
Don't you ever dream living in harmony?
Where racial difference is negligible?
Trust me if that happens.
This world is a better place.

And yes there is some part of the song which tells you that not every story has a happy ending.
Sad, isn't it?
What we always wish for is happiness.
But to seek happiness we must bring happiness to others.
Let our sorrow be a lesson to us.
For shall sorrow be the best teacher.

Our fears below, higher high.
This song pierces through my very soul.
Tsk tsk.
We cannot deny our fears,
It is real,
It is growing,
It is more than meets the eye.
We must isolate the source of our fear.
Confront your fear.
"Fear is not a factor for you" - Fear Factor.
Yeah i always watched the Fear Factor tv programme.
Walking down steep roads.
Eating crunchy worms.
Handling snakes and scorpions.
But I know sometimes what we fear is hell-of-a-lot hard to confront.
And as I mentioned in my first post.
There is no other way.

And now I shall take a step back and end my post here.
I'd love to sing this song again and again.
Be wary though, this band is a symphonic metal band.
Listen at your own risk.
But well this song is perfectly clean.
Good luck with the examinations, guy(s).

"Mena X?"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little this and that.

Und hallo again, lads.
Semester 1 has nearly come to an end eh?
Oh wait, the exams.
With my MUET speaking test around the corner.
Time for the final rush?
Or maybe.
I don't know.

And after that,
Seriously should you ask,
I don't know whether I am going to like it or not.
Yeah cool no classes.
Thumbs up.
But then again,
I won't be able to talk much as I like,
Nor I can meet my friends,
Where friendship is,
An important surviving element in life.
Will I be living in virtual worlds again?
And become my alter ego EvolutionX?

Call me weird,
I don't care.
Because somehow,
I felt that my life here is...
I feel more like Kaedy@Qaedi instead of Evo.
And again,
Credits and thanks to ALL and I mean ALL my FRIENDS.
The degree of my gratefulness is beyond of which I might cry for it.
And to some-other-one.
Thanks for the rains and sunshines.
You gave me a wonderful rainbow,
I won't care if I am just being hallucinative. (Syok Sendiri) LOL.

And guys,
read your books.

"Mena x?"