Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kamelot: Silverthorn Review

Metal. When you listen to the word metal, what comes to your mind?
Mindless screaming? Heavy beats? Demoralizing?
Because of your stereotyping you have feared what you do not know.

True, there are metal bands like SOAD or Avenged Sevenfold (famous ones) who screams mindlessly in their songs, and captivated a lot of hardcore music lovers. People often give me a stern look when I say I am into metal. Lemme share a secret with you:

My heart is soft. :P

And I enjoy songs which would have real musical values and deep meaning in it.

Now moving on, I would like to introduce the #1 metal band I love - Kamelot.
Different from your normal stereotypical metal band, Kamelot is a band where the beauty of music and opera are appreciated. None of the death-screaming-chorus shit is there, although it has quite the beats.

Silverthorn; what surprised me from their previous two albums, Ghost Opera and Poetry Of The Poisoned, actually poses a style familiar to their older fans, back in the days of Karma and Epica.

Even though Roy Khan left the band (which devastated most of the fans if not all), Tommy Karevik did a splendid job. You will hear almost no difference of their songs, as Kamelot continues to live on and yet to meet their Mordred.

Here is the listing of songs in Silverthorn:
01. Manus Dei
02. Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Torn
05. Song For Jolee
06. Veritas
07. My Confession
08. Silverthorn
09. Falling Like The Fahrenheit
10. Solitaire
11. Prodigal Son
Part I: Funerale
Part II: Burden Of Shame
Part III: The Journey
12. Continuum 

Silverthorn is Kamelot's third 'concept' album, in which it portrays a story of a young girl Jolee who died in the hands of her own twin brother. The whole album was about the tragedy, until the part where everyone moves on.

My favourite tracks are Sacrimony, Song For Jolee, Veritas, My Confession, Solitaire, Prodigal Son. These tracks are just so amazing and very Kamelot-like. While other tracks are also good, but these are the tracks I would replay and replay in a single loop.

Especially for Prodigal Son, which has three parts: which reminds me of their previous part-songs Elizabeth and Poetry of The Poisoned. I mostly favored part II and III.

"How could this happen, oh what have we done?"

If you're totally not into heavy beats, I recommend you to listen to track #5 (Song For Jolee). It is a slow song which takes me off into calm mode whenever I needed a break from repetitive drum strokes.

"One look in the mirror to see, what's real and fake, Jolee."

And my top personal favourite is My Confession (which I believe to be the climax of the album). The verse is beautifully written, the chorus' note is beautifully hit and the fanboi inside me bursted out when this song is played.

"I pray for salvation and peace for ages."

Kamelot has really gone well, even without Roy as their lead vocalist. And I'd give this album a solid 9/10.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Hype

Dota 2
My first impression: will be epic.
My second impression: oh no please dont let this be HON.

In less than four days dota 2 will be revealed.
Maybe not fully but partly.
I hope it get to see the gameplay.
Will it be able to beat its predecessor DOTA?
Will steam make all icefrog's work worth it?
Or will it be another fancy graphic game.

But as far as i know.
P2P will be one of the reasons why the original dota will be kept running alive..
And till that day my friends,
Lets keep up hopes so that DOTA2 will kick ass.

"Mena sik?"

Monday, July 11, 2011


What was life before i began searching,
Before i began wondering,
And yet wander i alone in the bask of oblivion.
Under the sun was a huge desert,
Under the moon was a never-ending sea.
Nothing to grab but my own shadow,
In an unknown land i fell hopeless.
But soon were i to give up,
One but a virtue laid her grace upon me.
And what life seemed,
An oasis of the desert,
A shore near the sea,
Another shadow to grab,
And there was i,
A land so familiar i called home.
Thank you.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And It All Ends.

So it was after a week when we finished our Liaison Officer program for the new batch's MAP.
I had fun so,
Thank you guys.

I get to know those guys I really din know yet,
Might be too late but,
Its better late than never?

Und hallo thar!
Uhh the sadness I feel as i step out of the dorm.
Kolej Sri Samarahan Seroja
A name i will never forget.
Tho it only provides me only 1 year of shelter,
I am grateful for it,
I had friends, good ones,
I met with the beautiful lady (notice the singularity) there.
And so my room: M51 (With Abid aka Nujum Pak Cengkerik), M48 (Nizzal Syafiq's), M44 (Jethro Eli's), M29 (Muhaimin Johari, Hasbullah Hasbi, Jethro Eli, Adzim Adib)
Laughters of joy.
I will miss you guys.

So the MAP.
'Twas good, tho some complains it to be so childish and stuff.
Posted as the Food AJK so wasn't that hard of a job.
And some people with their double personalities.
And sleepless nights (and days).
And oh wth a week has gone.
*sighs again*

And forward is but a long journey.
I may go to engineering school.
And so we might part ways for academic persuation,
Will this be the end?
It is of my sincerest intention but to live this we have here. Work with me and we'll be alright.
How long will it be?
4 years?
or 5?
But anyhow,
It is not my wish to let this one slide.
I love you.

And all but we stand here today,
Looking but straight forward.
I leave it all but to fate and destiny.
While I do my very best to prevail.
Good luck all.

A song for everyone. The lyrics are for no one, because they are not yet dead.


"Mena sik?"

Monday, May 2, 2011


Believe me, after reading some other people posts,
It wowed me on how they have shown that they have lost.
Haha tampered in anger?
But oh well what to do.
If he doesn't like something what can I do?
But yeah I felt pity,
You have my sincerest umm sympathy.
And hey don't get too soft. =P

"Mena sik?"


Well i might as well post the song Owl City - Fireflies right now,
But nay I'm too lazy to do anything.
Sides there are these linkin park songs stuck within the walls of my head.

So i can't sleep.
Without company. (she is asleep)
Nobody to play with.
They're not humans duh.
Total strangers naah.
And there are ants on my screen.

And yeah so i decided to roam in the net.
Finding apps for my new Droid phone.
Haha. (She hates my phone)
And i miss jumong. (Block M's cat) (She hates it too)

I'm bored.
So yeah anyone alive and feeling bored too.
Pop up my chats, im not a ghost.
Not literally.

"Mena sik?"
Happy Hunting.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

All Is Over.

"What if all is over?"
And hereby i announce that we're free from Asasi Unimas.
Shall we be the first batch,
Shall we be none but the very best.
And hey who knows if our paths will cross again?
And i will you all but the best.
For this humble soul may have wronged you.
Apologies offered.

And so our era of pre-undergraduate have passed.
Wont be long before we set foot there again.
But oh wait!
Yes, yes.
We've to face the results first.
I honestly hope nobody will be summoned again.
I honestly do.

So what now?
Work Sleep.
Study The hell?
And yeah game.
And believe it or not,
I haven't opened any of my game yet.
I miss my dormies.
Everyone who plays DotA with me,
Non stop.
And yeah beat each other up.
Not to mention my old friends.
My mentors.
Don't be so humble proud.

And a declaration i made. =)
And oh, if you know the story.
Will you be touched.
Lots of <3 to this particular person.
Beautiful isnt she?
Thank you.
For filling the life of this humble soul.
May the force be with you.
Don't sulk too much alright?

Will be talking to you guys again.
Until then,

"Mena sik?"