Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 months.

Hello there fellas.

Here I am reliving my blog.
I'm going away tomorrow,
Somewhere far far away,
Well actually to Bintulu.

Missing me? Don't.
Happy? Please Do.
I hope the trip would be educational enough for me to not regret going.
No no not educational.
Fun suits more.
I guess you must have forgotten about this blog.
I'll try to keep it alive as much as possible.
Well i'm not playing dota now so yeah i can blog a bit. hee.
And so hows life?
Good I hope?
Mine's better.
Ima brag about it soon.
"Life is but a wheel, sometimes you conquer the top, sometimes you fall."
And I guess i'm in the middle?
I don't know.
And of course, don't get jealous.
You have better life than mine.
And Oh,
I have a secret,
Well actually two secrets.
Ima tell later.
But yeah one is quite knows (although the real truth is yet to be)
And one other? I'll keep it just to MYSELF.
Yes yes.
Well its something in my lappy if you can find it.
And my gaming life?
Trying my best to the WODOTA level.
Wish me luck guys. =)
And personal life?
Well there's this one girl.
Someone i couldn't imagine to be with.
But nevertheless i'm content.
With everything.
Thank you.
And I promise to relive my fan fict on the holidays.
I have the draft with me but never had a chance to publish them.
Just rough stuff.

And I guess I finally have some friends here.
I'm glad.
One particular person even told me he is.
Touched. tsk.
And to others, sorry if I made you guys hate me.
I'm 'hateable' am I not? =)

And finally, good luck for the coming final exams.
I'm really going to miss having everyone around.
And the classes too.
I wish everyone the best of luck.
Yeah just to make sure i said it.

Thats all for now!

Mena sik?

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