Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am back.

"Bait bait jaga dirik di sinun" - Mom.
"Mun perlu duit mintak jak" - Dad.
"Boh lupak beli **** kering ngn aku" - Jethro.
And last but not least.

They were the few ones who wish me for a good trip.
And indeed it was a good one.

Partly educational, partly hilarious, partly fun.
Und Hallo everyone.
I am BACK.
Well don't woe though, cause I'll be only staying here for another month - or shorter.
From Bintulu that is.
Didn't change much since I ever go there last few years.
And woah since election is nigh that time, there were convoys passing when we're having dinner.

Although it's practically a one day visit, but yeah its cool.
I like the room.
Twice the size of ours. lol.
And the activities are nice.
MLNG and stuff.
And shhhh.. I slept during the talk. ROFL.
Similajau was a bit of the spotlight of the trip.
And there were supposed to be crocodiles there,
Wanted to take pictures of it,
But ended up taking pictures of people making their face like crocodiles instead.
But yeah so many good pictures.
And hilarious ones.
Check out my Facebook account for the pics.
I will upload it later too.
Overall, enjoyable.
Though I miss her being around nagging and laughing,
And I miss my bright lappy,
But let this be an experience.

Good day.

"Mena sik?"


  1. best eh, jeles ku. mphh!

  2. boh jeles luq, kelak kita polah trip dikpun. haha